(appeal at the 14th anniversary of the illegal erasure)

Addressees: - the Parliament, the Government and the President of the Republic

                    - the Constitutional Court and the Ombudsman

                    - Amnesty International

                    - the institutions of the EU:

                    -  the European Parliament

                    -  the Committee for Petitions of the EP

                    -  the Commission

                    -  the European center against racism and xenophobia, Vienna        

                    -  political parties in the European Parliament

                    -  the institutions of the Council of Europe:

 -  the Parliamentary Assembly,

 -  the Commissioner for Human Rights

 -  ECRI                                                  

                    - the institutions of the United Nations

 -  High Commissioner for Human Rights

 -  Committee for Human Rights, Geneva

 -  Committee for Economic, Social and Cultural Rights,   
              Geneva                -                      

          - ambassadors in Slovenia

Since our similar appeal one year ago (at the 13th anniversary of the erasure) the situation regarding the respect of the rights of the "erased" is even worth, but, on the other hand, we received a resolute support from two UN committees in Geneva and we express a warm thank for it. Unfortunately, the Slovenian Government is not only ignoring these recommendations of the UN committees, but is also completely ignoring their explicit requests to inform the Slovenian public about these recommendations – and with its economic and political influence on media the Government is also succeeding to attain that even the formally independent media do not report on these matters at all.

We enclose the new appeal, adopted at the assembly of our association at the 14th anniversary of the illegal and shameful erasure.

At the end, we repeat the question from our appeal last year: "We are asking especially the institutions of the EU and CE, till when they will still tolerate such obvious excesses of Slovenian authorities against fundamental principles of the rule of law and against the respect of human rights – which is happening in the country which should preside the EU in 2008, as the first among the new member-states."

In the name of the Association of the Erased:

Matevž Krivic, legal representative of the Association

(and former judge at the Constitutional court of Slovenia)


- appeal at the 14th anniversary of the erasure

- appeal "At the Day of Human Rights" from 10. 12. 2005 (not yet translated)

in Leto 2005
on 24 Maj 2019

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